To prevent potential misunderstanding, we wish to inform you on the following:

In BITSET d.o.o. the repair service is ranked highest on the list of priorities.

Through our long-term verified partners we offer maintenance of the highest quality during and after warranty. We pledge to execute all warranty-related repairs in legal time limits, even when the official service can not fix the problem. Our partner's buyer is our most precious commodity, which is why we solve all servicing problems accordingly.

We would like to point out that not all brands have the same warranty. The warranties vary from one (12 months) to five years (48 months).

Upon presenting a claim form, the service also needs to be provided the following documentation:

1. Correctly filled out certificate of warranty (date of sale and seller's stamp)
2. Malfunction description
3. The original invoice

Malfunctioning equipment and documentation can be sent directly to our address or can be delivered in person. If the equipment does not include the necessary documentation, we reserve the right to return unrepaired equipment back to the customer on their cost.

E-mail: servis@bitset.si
Phone: +386 (0)31 703 159

Service working hours:
Receiving and issuing goods: Mon-Fri, 8am to 4.00pm.
Closed: on Saturdays and Sundays.