Terms of Sales


Price lists offer the basic information to our partners about our supply, prices and basic product specification. All the prices are in EUR. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Special offers are valid until the items run out of stock! Errors are not excluded! The price lists are forwarded via e-mail in the Microsoft Excel format, but are also available on the website, accessible with an assigned password.


On our website b2b.bitset.si our contract partners can access price lists, specifications and stock of our sales programs with an assigned password via the B2B portal. Our partners can order items, make reservations, check stock and prices and information on their unfulfilled orders. Giving a password to non-contractual partners can result in termination of contract and business relations between the buyer and BITSET.


The estimates are sent in accordance to buyer's wishes – via mail or e-mail. The offer is valid for 48 hours. Item reservations can be arranged by agreement with the salesperson or via B2B and are valid for 48 hours at most. If the buyer doesn't confirm it by ordering, the reservation is automatically deleted after two days. Orders referring to our offer can be received via e-mail, mail or the B2B internet store.


Delivery note is issued with the items. The recipient confirms the receipt by signing the delivery note. We arrange for free delivery via GLS or our own courier for orders that exceed 250 EUR ex. VAT. Smaller orders can be picked up at our warehouse or are sent via delivery service, chosen by the buyer, on their own expense. The delivery service picks up the goods every day by 2pm. Warehouse working hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. When goods are shipped via a chosen delivery service, the buyer confirms the receipt by signing the delivery note of that delivery service and with that confirms the receipt of goods on the delivery note. Complaints concerning received items must be sent via e-mail within eight (8) days from the date on the delivery note.


If the client doesn't have deferment of payment, the order must be paid by estimate at least one (1) work day before shipping. According to the delivery note the invoice is issued and is sent via mail the next day. Redemption date is valid up to an agreed-upon limit. If the buyer exceeds the limit, they are obligated to pay the liabilities over the limit, which will put the deferment of payment back in place. Deferment of payment is set according to realized annual turnover in the previous year, current year plan, test period of co-operation, size of order or prior agreement according to the importance of the order. It is possible to obtain additional rebate on prior agreement in case of payment up front.


In case of deferment of payment the buyer will supply an open bill for payment insurance before the implementation of contract. The open bill has to be guaranteed by the company owner, director or the bank and has to have a suitable bill statement, as will be produced by BITSET. If the terms of payment include an advance, the open bill is not necessary. In case of overdue payment we reserve the right to charge back interest within the law. The delivered items remain the property of BITSET d.o.o. until the payment is made in full (including potential interest and cost).

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